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Laziness attack

Getting domestic for a short span .. liking the lethargic break!

Cant stretch the muscles too loose because there is stuff and tasks lying ahead!

Watched lage raho.. yesterday, utter nonsense! But who cares... if i was ever engaged to an onscreen character .. it was circuit in MBMBBS..and now might be considered married to the same in the second flick! :D

Movies which promise you nothing but an assurance of characters playing perfect in the most non-sensical plot and providing you complete entertainment with special mental rest ;)

'Bhai, left se teesri ungli'...

I might keep giggling at this for few days from now!!

Have been watching few movies on and off , half in the morning , little in the day, rest in the night .. completely in bits and pieces ..

- One flew over the cuckoo's nest (Jack Nicholson rox0r)
- Incredibles (2nd shot)
- Finding nemo :D
- Trainspotting (2nd shot)
- Omkara (err...found it predictable though the characters are played extremely well)
- School of rock (3rd shot)


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