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:) and :(


He died!

If bollywood was ever worth the mention , Anand,Abhiman,Golmaal found place in my list of favourites! Even the not so popular 'Jhooth bole kauwa kate' .. i loved beacuse of its simplicity and the innocent and cute characterization!

Normally, i do not really react to such news but today it instantly put my face down!



I found a violin teacher! Yay!

After 8 hard days at work, my TL donated me a holiday and it had to co-incide with Ganesh Chaturthi :| . Mom made me get up early and all(not so early actually :))!

With sister not around, i had to help her through the great menu planned for the day. And what output ...

Aah .. i made Kozhakattais or Modaks , this time mom prepared a new filling made of jaggery and chane ki daal. We finally had 3 varieties of the dish. And i was given the 'Make them look like Kozhakattais' job!

I did the job well !

Evening, mom and i had a pact. I had to accompany her to a Bharatnatyam recital and in return she would not pressurise me to visit the temple! ;)

We went for the recital, some kids-group performed. I have been there, done that! :) I only found two honest dancers in the group. One , who is going to make it big (if bharatnatyam survives , which i doubt) and the other would soon discover that she is not meant to be doing this (that kid was damn cute and although not perfect in dancing, made me stare continuously!)

The only thing i liked throughout was the sound of the violin (the vocalist was a disappointment). The show ended and i went teacher hunting.

If all goes fine and i dontfind driving till his residence too tiring , i should begin in late september! :)