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Hot deal?

errrr ... i mean DELL ?

All this while i was hating myself for loving my office laptop over my personal system.

This morning, hit upon this news in the newspaper and i went searching for the whole story.

I had actually felt few electric alarms at times when my laptop would be in direct contact with my lap. To avoid jitters , i had started keeping atleast one layer of insulation. But more than this, the stand by time is pretty low compared to the HP system my company has provided. It used to function for one complete day on constant battery power after one full charge. I had actually tested it for checking.

On the contrary, my Dell needs refuelling every 3rd or 4th hour , if kept on battery and would get heated up like pancakes on AC power.

I still have to check my battery model number to see if its entitled for replacement. My model although falls under the list of notebooks effected.

Wonder what made me get turned on see-ing the gadget..

hmmmm....Hot indeed! ;)