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They say..

Men bow in front of only three women:

The first :
     Who gives them birth -- Dearly known as 'Meri Maa' or 'My Mother'

The second :
     Who protects them -- Popularly known as 'Devi Ma' or 'God Mother'

The third
    who wears sort shkirts :P

And i have a stupid theory :

The longer the skirt , the greater is the depression ! (Notice theta!)

In the past years of my worklife , this is one of the most amusing behaviours i find amongst people around! I wear everything wearable to office and skirts are just one of them..

The normal day is spent with the following schemes of conversation:

Some random collegue: Hey
i turn around

Me: Hey

-- I am lost , i do not know who was it calling .. because nobody seems to be looking...
Then the realisation dawns... d'oh!

Not that the expressions are not obvious or am oblivious to the reasons... but it has been multiple times that i had ended up in the nearest isolated corner and blurted out laughing....

There was once that this friend of mine spoke to me for close to 5 mins (now thats less but still long considering the posture) and not once did he meet my eye during the talk!

Why the heck dont men stare at the waistline visible through sarees which almost every one in five indian dames would be wearing... for heaven's sake , they are just a pair of limbs !! :P

Guess what me says when i pick up a skirt one fine morning from my wardrobe:

'Lets watch some junkies bow today!' ;)

(and no am not sexist in my behaviour AT ALL...but but... stop looking like that, will you!)
( theta theory is prone to exceptions... long skirts at times create a similar effect! ;))