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Just back

from the YUCK-iest dinner in the past few days!

There is a big food court near my office...all big shots projecting all great cuisines costing a fortune and even after shelling off a hundred bucks a meal.... your tummy sounds of the musical effects of an empty vessel! :|

Went after days to grab something new as i had seen a new food vendor in the area...

Initially, found the place pretty captivating, there are new ways of ordering menu..touchpad select the item according to the calories it contains (the vendor has some connection with VLCC! :OO) .. print the order and place it at the counter...

Some desi born-angrezi fed chap comes and with all the coursed hospitality charges you a bomb.!

I ordered a Falafel Sandwich , recollecting my Israel days..!

The guy asks me what kind of bread would i like to have with and then bring 4 samples of funny looking breads...and i choose the most edible looking bread! I knew it from there that this is going to be hell!

I saw him making the sandwich...*bo hoo hoo* .. the poor falafel ..ideally a round brown ball made of kabuli chana looked squeezed and discolored and i was led to more dismay!

Then i thought of an idea....i told myself .. 'You have paid for you better find ways to like it and finish it off!' (i do it pretty often)..

So i told myself.."what i am eating is not falafel..its some chef's creative attempt intended for some taste upgrade yours and relish!!"

Uhun :( i still did not like it!

this is what its suppose to look like..!! And dont know what crap i had!

Mom made kozhakattais/modak this morning and i did not have time to relish that either,she stuffed them in my mouth when i was running for office!

uhun :(