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Perfect Day!

With a dream to own a piano someday and ironically a complete assurance of never having an abode to keep the same... i shrunk my dream to few keys and this is what i got!

It still felt perfect...why? I had hit upon this idea of playing a particular piece from Lou Reed's Perfect Day also a part of the movie Trainspotting, two years back... I never thought i would manage to do it as the first piece on my little keyboard...i havent stopped playing it and smiling!

Listen to the song...pls pls... here:)

And the piece i scarred my fingers playing(exaggerating).. there is nothing great about playing that minute/simple piece .. but i am high :)
(what you heard was cut from the song not what i played... i dont post that :P)

The kid in me was all excited as ever , and i alsofinished 3 lessons from an online piano tutorial... and am at the end of knowing C and G7 chords... and played few jingles...ofcourse they were queued and i do not know now..which finger played what...

Did few carnatic stunts .. managed to find Mohanam's Aarohanam and Avarohanam but finding the note bandwidth on my violin was much easier ..  i still do not know what falls where in this!

My plate is full for now. Too many things and too little time to spare... life keeps giving bumps... In the multitudes of activities and interests, i still keep searching for that one driving passion to make living worthwhile...till then... i exist! ... :)

Rest...i went bankrupt with an indispensable investment... SOLID FATKAAAAAA!! but then my things have found a place now...