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Time is something we all cover ... but the grace added to the time lived/spent has to be acknowledged to make it priceless!!

We are four kids growing together every day... just that two of us were born before in time :)

We were born to a couple partially remote and partially urban....A female who came an astonishingly long way from being that 18 year old girl standing at new delhi railway station without knowing a letter in hindi and nobody to welcome her... to becoming one of the most sought after employees and being one of the strongest people we have ever come across!
A man based in delhi who struggled from being that 0.75 engineer to a real doting father and one of the most fun people to be with!

Whats so special about being a part of them??

--- The freedom granted and the independence nurtured has always been incomparable
--- They actually inversed the negativities of their lives and multiplied the positives to work for us in the best way possible!
--- Even at the presumed handicap of a low age, we have almost always had a say in desicions local/mutual to our well being since long!

The magic of nuptial knot is not what we are here to celebrate, this day was to commemorate the great parenthood which i seldom come across!  Thankfully , we do not belong to that ultra-knit families which are influenced by too many people, which ultimately results in too many people bringing you up!

So what did we do?

--- Parikrama is the first and highest revolving restaurant in india... My dad had expressed his wish to dine there once some 7 years ago! Now, the idea did not crop up just like that....we went through whole lodsaa ideas when suddenly this struck!
Had thought of sending mah and pa on a holiday to some faraway islands..but as parents have their special did they and would not budge without us! :|
Any local vacation was unlikely as they were just back from one!!

So , lo we went place searching one of the evenings without any luck..though ended up seeing some real interesting places! We were disheartened as nothing seemed to be working! friday morning, sitting in office, thi sjust struck me and i called up parikrama and fortunately they had space available and add to that they had a private lounge at disposal! Things started clicking...sis drives down from her workplace to KG marg and sees and finalises things :)))

The work remaining was finding unlikely but close people to make it for the day and ofcourse without letting them know!! Random phone calls with success a lot of times but disappointment at others as were not able to get through dad's best pal!

We were all set with the guests and not a little air of the event throughout the day(surprise surprise everywhere!)... I sat to make a special momento as you could see in the LJ-cut/link...its actually a desk sitter and was made in PS and then got it printed on a kodak paper and folded midway to let it stay on any table/desk!!

I am bored of writing about the party was like any other dine and NOT-wine party with all couples, big aunties/uncles ... who were overwhelmed and all...Mom and Dad looked perfect for the day!
The food with all the skepticism, turned out to be damn lip smacking!! Everybody expected turned up .and hopefully and presumably enjoyed..

The flipside : when such oldies turn up and specially on such an occassion, the biggest concern on the earth seems to be you making a head towards your silverday :|| Only i have a clue how diplomacy had to be brought in everytime to not upset anyone and still not talk about it!! phew!

Just expressing our joy on such a day

me and avarice_me
The ebony and ivory effect of their lives!