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back to basics

How different were the years of exile? Just as much to make me amused over the changes... But change is long as you acknowledge it!

The nomads we are, the nomad i am, the nomad i would remain...i wandered the streets of the city for long...exploring and doing things i had wanted to and i could learn, to metamorphosise....and keep moving, without the thoughts of people asking me WHY!

After months of pub hopping, numerous travels, exploring eating hideouts and this insomniac's night outs... Am back to cooking,driving,cleaning and all that home-maker stuff..thanks to the two weeks notice ;))

But this time , it clubs with everything i did before .. Just that the ratio has changed! ___________

Waking up, brooming the house, cleaning utensils, making lunch for me and my sister , ensuring we dont run without breakfast ,watering mom's smol garden ...aahh..

Half of the above tasks were loaded because of HIGH ATTRITION RATE when it comes to mom's maid business..:D..they just dont stay..and best of all..the hit will come when we need them the most....

One of the best moments in the past week....when my food just changed the day for somebody!! :) (ofcourse, from bad to good...)

And then comes my favourite part...all when i have to drive down to office.. one hour's wonderful drive and mind it..this has got nothing to do with great roads and perfect traffic sense of the masses...

How much more beautiful can it get when you are racing ahead with TOTO AFRICA AND JOHN DENVER songs blaring in your ears!!

Countryroads thus far becomes my favourite on-drive song!! (though i am high on africa today! ________________

(off-track)On the flip side, i had ensured that parents take the elephant training tour at dubare when at coorg, had called up the taxi guy to tell him how to take them around but sadly its heavily raining and they were not allowed to bathe/feed the elephants (something i missed and thought mom-dad would be lucky!).. hmmm...but then ITS RAINING dammit!! :D (/off-track)

I am glad that i still can manage things the way i used to...though i would hate it if it comes everyday...Its just not the thing i want to do right here , right now everyday!

I realised, i hate it when i repeat a day..Two days just cannot be identical..just the way there cannot be the same person in the mirror everyday.. :D _______________

Its a beautiful day outside.. I am waiting for the dusk to dawn, so i can do what i have to... to make it just next to perfect!! ______________

And yeah..strangely i am envying my four wheeler right now, its about to rain and how i wish i was replacing it in the open i could get drenched!! :P