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blow it away

I am amidst fighting this stupid,strange urge to blow stuff with smoke.. -No, i never did..And i know its in the list of the very few things i have kept, to be not tried! (not because i would not take the risk but with plain knowledge that it need not be!) -No, this aint curiosity either.. I am over with it -No, it is not people either.. attitude doesnt really tempt me

I have numerous things to do also , so even plain idleness would not lead me to do it..

But its stuck in my head, Whenever i am mobile, i am imaging/fantasising about hitting a shot or two..!

Have had talks with friends trying to quit...but here i am ..Never did it, still fighting the urge!

Funny eh?

Cant scroll through 101 things to do instead of smoking , I have 102!!!