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The best morning diet for a HOT summer morning!

Long time i posted anything on food...

This was pending since long and though rains seem to have hit the country..Still when the sun finds its way admist clouds some sunny day...have this and i bet .. You can wink at the sun and slurp simultaneously!!
What you need:

Half a cup curd
Leftover cooked rice or even fresh but cooled
A pinch of hing(
Mint leaves or coriander leaves!

-Just mix the rice and the curd and mash the rice if possible or blend it in a blender.

-Add the salt and mix well

-Add a glass of chilled water

- Put the pinch of heeng and stir

- Pour it in a glass and add the mint leaves or coriander!

On sunson 's suggestion,

- Try having it with a drop of TENDER MANGO WATER...

Gulp it down...its yummy,cool and refreshing!


My mom calls it KARACHU (some blended stuff) ....i just call it the best breakfast! :))


I am sorry if there were any typos...i have shifted place in office and the little privacy i had has gone down the drains..Just snatched few minutes to post this before somebody watches ;))