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Refining Language

I was just scrolling through some of my old blogs and realised the deteriorating standards of written expression! The unrestrained chats demanding use of faster means of conveying things and the casual attitude towards writing as a power to project and protect has hit with full throttle.

The first knock of this came when i had posted on a community just like i would here and got a fare amount of thrashing for taking it as another granted area where i could say things just like that!

Some of my ameteur aquaintances find it extremely difficult to understand what i am saying when i use the nurtured internet language!

I have been the editor , the filtering tool for so many written releases in the past, that i think if nothing else i should atleast do it for the buried past glory! :P

As i decide to give up the reckless attitude towards blogging , i am going to(how i was tempted to write GONNA) put checks on every post i make for optimisation of words and grammatical fallouts(i am proud of a superior grammar awareness but just noticed that some of the overlooked errors were not typo...:Oi cant believe i have an english board topper!phew!).

Readers, please  comment  with complete sarcasm  whenever you get a chance to.. Though i will make sure i save every such opportunity! :P

(Now, dont you bang with the errata here...remember i just started off!) :P