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i belong

With some country celebrating its labor day today....we the IT labourers were low on tasks ..

So i am putting here something which keeps me on the thought mill at times...

I had been away from my parents for sometime and as i reunited with them , i assumed the sense of belonging would slowly come back...But dont know whether its the unbridled independence or the over blown freedom or neither of these, but feeling a part of the house i live in, the self-imposed responsibilities and the unquestioned care for everybody around which was a part of my existence for long suddenly seems to have vanished!

I donot have anything in the back of my mind when i am heading back home...all that revolves in this head of mine is a big 'I'.

There is also an automatic dependency shift on my sibling... I am no more the auto-focus of my parents when they need something...Not that it effects me aggressively but i think i would slowly lose out on the basic principles of co-existence!

Independence and responsibilities have always been the upbeat in my survival but somewhere the former has risen and juicing out the warmth the latter provides.

Knowing that we all are self-occupied but i had always expanded the SELF to let the occupation be more filling and giving...but...


After finishing the Alchemist ... no reviews i have about...
Reading PG Wodehouse's World Of Psmith these days...funny...but too long!!
Had been to this place called American Diner .... had tiramisu cafe (tiramisu,coffee,dark rum,vanilla ice cream)...yummm nd
Potato Pancakes!! yummyyyyyyyyyyyy
This was one of those rare resto-bars which isnt dimly lit up still is soothing enough...nd dey were playing floyyd...yo yo!!

(would put up some pics soon)


Had to go to my music teacher yest...but the whole classical music gang seems to have headed down south!! Think will be toiling for months.... before the new dawn makes me rise...i wanna hear myself sing :((((((

this reminds me of a small statement i would make to every random person i would find, searching to get occupied with anything related to music..

'Any form of art satisfies you as nothing and absolutely nothing else does' (all puns intended here!!!)

btw .. everybody .. listen to this.

I had been playing the DJ all day with this one song for my team..they dont listen to inglis stuff! phew!