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General Journal Update :)

New Office JOINED ON MY IPPIE BDDAY THIS MONDAY THE SEVENTEENTH!! :) (post edited due to untimely wishes pouring in :))

The induction program supposed to be for 7 days was wound up in 3 days...but one of the goo dthings to have experienced...this organisation's start program is supposed to be very effective...i loved it...

The previous company's office was much superior and advanced in terms of being equipped and extremely well planned... there was a tendency to look out for the same things...

I have a funny new e-mail id..:( (looks more like my dad's id dan mine!)

My location..window side ,adjacent to the loo and in front of the pantry..i lurv it :)

Apprehensions :once at my desk..the feeling of being stuck at one place for hours and with the same stuff is again getting on me...but this is gonna finda way outta dis!


Whether to move out of my house and stay near office is one dilemna i am stuck in... factors: Pros: 1. Commuting takes three hrs of the whole day in totality 2. No time for other stuff

Cons: 1. The place near office isnt that sustained..swimming , violin and music sessions taken into account! 2. Commuting is a problem in this area 3. Havent found anybody interesting yet to get real pally with...

*confused* Music

Had been wanting to put it down here for long...

BACHPAN by KAAVISH is an amazing song...

Some of the fresh bands do awesome stuff.. A friend went for VAYU concert in pune...The group i missed 4 times in Pune due to non-availability of appropriate admirers!


My first non-happening bdday...but got the maximum wishes this year...but then..


Took mom and dad to a place called 'United coffee house' in CP... some 30-40 year old history, bar-cum-rest ... some guy sings all dire straits , Robbie William , bryan adams stuff and screws it all... started as a small coffee house and today is one of those expensive places to eat at...