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some fast updates for d times unreported

29th Jan '06 : GAVE MY FIRST CLASSICAL VOCAL CONCERT IN PUNE!! i was skeptical about doing it after a gap of 2 years...nd my timely ditching vocal chords...but i know i did better dan xpected... The kinda performance i used to give some 6 years back:

Thyagaraja Aradhana 15 mins slot 2 songs...

i was so relieved to have started again!!

3rd Feb 2006 : I QUIT what, why...l8r!

25th and 26th Feb 06: Organised a team event to ROHA - Nature trail and adventure! fun n frolic and another memorable getaway pics here


RDB...hmmm dint find it great! CRASH...zimbly awesome..a must watch PRIDE AND PREJUDICE..good... but donno how much i saw (was lense-less ,specs-less).. so can trust the reviews of a blind woman @ ur own risk.. AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS..i always adored jackie chan dis one wasnt left bhind!!

Food Honey Dukes : The first restaurant i came across which serves coffee in place of mouth freshner...luvd it... good food (continental)..ambience is very very warm....can relax in d mini beanbags...or read through when u wait to dine!

hmm...cant recall more...will start scribbling once i do...chow! :)