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the week gone by

Work reduced!!! Saw the world @7pm after 3 weeks!

Ate loads...One of the days .. i had the highest intake of chocolate in recent times..(Chocolate excess with chocolate sauce @barista!)

Learning PERL - after a temporary attempt at Java.. jo mujhe kabhi nahi aava

nd made some arrangements for future alterations!! separate blogs after the future becomes the past!

Last night , a gala party at Carnival... one of the best places for junk,high booze and close knit talk kinda parties! Had forgotten to have fun lately.. nd was high on my wit and the leg pulling went over board.. seemed like i might have made more enemies now ;)

whatever.. my team, one of the large teams in the company, wouldnt put it as classy but the people here are very effecient..

be it work or play... everything is done with so much zeal .. that at times i find myself beat at the fire i live with!

kudos to the team i finally recognise as one!