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Music and God

I prayed , i worshipped , i chanted and then i rebuked! A very ethnic background and a culturally sound bringing up , i was never deprived of any of the learnings , be it the worldly knowledge or connecting to the almighty.

I have known the mantras , shlokas and consider myself very good at delivering what i learnt, really well!

i loved visiting the temples with mom , juvenile i consider myself even today, i did it because i could and i felt happy and a strange peace in just trying to connect to something or somebody i am not SURE OF!

But then one day , things changed , i was angry,sad,full of malevolence! Situations.. made me resign from all that i had known , all those i had loved and all that i had believed in!

Whatever the case be , i decided giving atheism some time without any research or brain work but plain resignation!

One fine day , i was singing , producing those fine notes and feeling a strange life built with in.. something struck me hard.. i was being a hippocrate..

How could i deny the power of the non-worldly if i claim and declare time and again that 'music is love,life and passion...'!

What i sing and how i sing , everything makes me connect to something which is non-reasonable ( i deliberately refrain from using 'unreasonable')!

But the gist of the small process i went through has changed something very vital within..

-i do not and cannot believe in the MYTH CALLED GOD -i am controlled and tracked by some power but i as a person, need no realistic impressions to feel it -i hereby, though respect the existence of worshipping places but emphasise on the timely realisation of rising above the need to visualise power in physical forms!


nd As of today, for me, 'MUSIC IS GOD' ... just the comprehensions are different!