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met ...GODFATHER , believed... HARRY POTTER and ...

Read GAWDFATHER :) wanted to do a chapter wise book-movie run through but when have planned things worked out nyways.. finished a part.. cant wait to watch...


Harry Potter and the Goblets of fire : M not a harry potter fan or any1 of that sorts... had watched only chambers of secrets till now.... so yest went out on a late nite catch at the nearest theatre.. m d stuff was quite gripping .. dont remember blinking an eye-lid outta bredom... Potter's make over looked quite exaggerated in the posters but the guy carries a lotta attitute which saves him from the not-kid-ageing thing...


Biking : I always enjoy the thrills... taking a guy for a ride.. all in a cold nite can b fun too.. nd specially wen dese people seem to boast about judging drivers well... i luv d extols... but then who doesnt ;)))