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cinema , codes , chats n coffee

cinema : have been hooked on to them too much lately... grudge , flightplan ,No-Entry and Iqbal

Grudge : though original in thought but reminded me of ring on and off ...

but manages to scare ... atleast i slept with lights on for 3 days!!! :D

flightplan : gooooood...power speaks through few people..Jodie Foster rocked!!

No-Entry : shouldnt have :)

Iqbal : a fairly good attempt but similar all those inspiring/motivational .. making of a maestro kinds...

but yes i left the screen room with a smile!

Codes ......eeyaaaaa .. drowned in un-defecting a piece of code! but peace atlast!

Chats : yeah loadsaaaa ..... topics as always vary.. life ,food , music , dreams nd all other cliche stuff

Coffee.. have been on solitary visits to the coffee bar too often...sipping one new beverage with something fun to read and time to contemplate...

Irish , italian , creamed , iced .. chocolated .. talk about nything..i wudve had it!

Missed a dance recital this sunday..blame it on my memory-less head! :(

new food joints visited : Bamboo house (JM road , Lounge bar/resto-bar whatever) , Malabar Treat(yummmmm) nd the food street aside shoppers stop claimed to be serving the best parathas.. yuck! stoopid d stuff was .. tried garlic chutney tho!