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wallking the walk

...end up in a teacher-less violin session , has some end minute programme coming up..i decide to look around rasta peth...trying to get hold of a place which was once the heart of the city... ..some pani-puris and den halt at a newly opened ice-cream vendor, decide to try tender-coconut , wanted to compare it with the Naturals' as i hadnt had d flavour before and it was more than just awesome..but no..Naturals was far-far better!

nyways , i speak to this ice-cream guy and one more person i hit upon, for around 15 mins..nd some how we were having a pleasant time...dis guy charges me 10 bucks for a 12 bucks dessert...i depart with a calm smile....

..Then as i find my way from rasta peth to MG, i find myself giggling in front of this amusingly named wine shop 'PYAASA WINES!!!' ..wish i was in a mood to click it..but was feeling lazy

2 hrs of random wandering at MG..checking out shops and vendors...

bak home..dinner wid 4 frns and a discussion on independence, ideoligies etc etc..till 1 am...whoof!! interesting it was but...still thoughts hovering...

something i knew before..nd something i concluded yest..'SOLITUDE IS COMFORTING' if u can harmonise with ur heart n mind!!