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my first take at goodwill

A fulfilling weekend.. Decided to donate some stuff to some people from an orphanage visiting our area....wanted to get them all a hankerchief and a small comb...thought would be a different stuff to give...but my un-civilized locality (:000)) doesnt have end up buying pencils and erasers and chocolates..

cycled down to the place where they were to assemble...was excited about spending some time with those kids and giving them what i had individually but it turned out to be a small charity function where we had to deposit all we got at a counter and the stuff will be distributed later..

was dissappointed but still attended it so happened that a 'one day old' kid was found outside a well aome months back and it was concluded that somebody had wanted to dump the kid in the well when some rabbit came and over-turned the infant to the outside and the baby fell outside the well...this kid was discovered by somebody from the orphanage.. it wasnt expected to survive beyond few days but for those who have a life no-one can claim...the young girl child was in the assembly yest...

rest of the day goes unexpectedly gooooooooood

had a time with myself some real cool stuff...and den sometime sippping coffee and reading at a nearby music store cum cafeteria.....when i decide on an evening trying out a new place... Denned out!