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this week

.....more than just drowned in work
.....a 2:30 hit one night, 11 others
.....finally stuff started to work
.....but stuck up again- data plays dirty , no clue of when will my tiring test-cases be done! day chill-off with the over-hyped traditional day but work lingering on my mind every second
.....sat: violin class.., more than exhausted with everyday up-downs and 6 o'clock get ups during weekends , back with fever 3rd day without a bath in the last one year ( i m crazy about a daily wash!)
....sat server down, so no go ahead in work again, miss a visit to an orphanage :(

..SUNDAY IN OFFICE : i m informed, cannot carry on with the tests until some interfering routines are handled!! PHEW!

phew! a whole week of screwed up work life!

have to attend INDEPENDENCE ROCK next weekend... donno if can, will have to miss violin sessions for that!