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it could have been.....

a great weekend at mumbai..

explored it all me, the naive,non-mumbai-ite along with my roomie.. i being the over-leading guide!

have to blog long for that...this is midnight and have lodsa work to finish..

so just this one thing which we just might have escaped!

were at gateway at 5:50 , this saturday and this was the ghory site i captured...didnt get to know much about it at that time..only that something horrible had just taken place and a raw info from a photographer that two girls have been stabbed unawares! :(

next morning...-- the headlines read..*two girls stabbed at gateway*

i had stayed over a friend's place the previous night , got pally with his house-folks... the buddy's mom goes running the next morning, wakes up my friend and in complete haste

she shouts..'where are the two girls who came last night???'  people just check the names and are relieved!!

this apart... i had been ranting lots about mumbai to my co-tripper , about how i wanna live in this city for my busy 10 years of life , about it being safe and raw in culture and rustic in its feel...

but i know such a mishappening could have happened anywhere..but whatever it sent a chill down my spine!

lots about mumbai later!

*switches to incomprehensible codes* thing more..

just wanted to shot the pyramid arrangement of tiny apples at the roadside sellers... when this seller comes running ...says something in marathi and KEWLLY POSES... loved it!!

i have some-more story telling pics!

dammit...will shut off everything and get cobowled!!!