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read this book last week after a prolonged wait to get the right focus...though still spoilt the flow


guess we all find people like shimoda to guide us through our lives at every stage...

some keep shining all through and some shine and dissappear... !  am not a messiah but know that at different stages of my life i have had thoughts similar to the lines prosed!
donno if any book can make me teach a way of life...cos everything at different points seems right and the same stuff seems vague the next moment!

 might read it again..cos as it ended i was blank and non-tracked to see if it really left me the way i expected it to!

for the time being my next read:

LIFE OF PI! looking forward to a fun time with it!

hit upon this link...some promos of the movie-- have to dig in to what it was--seemed nice tho..

life of pi

out of track for this post but...

just hit upon these two words, i might have ignored before..taken a note now!

jetsam and flotsam..:S