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adventure at its height...IN BLEDY EVERY on..

to give a kick to my seemingly zombie life...yest was one of d best things i cudve thot of..

3 bikers , backed by 3 hmmmm damsels..., a REAL , HARSH RAINY DAY....nd a planned drive to the sahyadris... nd guess wat..

One of d bikers hasnt touched an automobile for more dan a decade and has driven a bike for a total of 10 hrs in his entire life!!


The ride begins at magarpatta , as the speed takes on , so does the drizzle and the thrill!!!!

Me and my biker behind the <i>seemingly amateur</i> and the third team in the front!! but lo, the so-called untrained biker(an israeli couple!) team takes off amazingly gracefully after the first stretch... The guy just drove like me...pretty careful and good..though his kicking style was little kicking for our funny bones!

pune roads..he he...we prepared everyone for safe , fun to drive roads and we go all bumping on craters formed by never seen meteors and filled up by never-ending blessings of rain god!

a drive estimated to be an hour's stretched to 4 hrs..!!!! But cant explain what all went with the thrill..the over-flooded khadakwasla... , the rain Bhuttas , the weirdly located temple visit ... oh..this bring me to another short story:

the making of indian civilisation
we parked our bikes at a height in some place near the temple, walked the wrong way to discover that the straight way up to the temple is on the opposite side! 10 minutes in the temple , we come out and *bewildered*

10 mins back , the place was deserted , and now we saw a whole community set up..from nowhere , ppl came and parked vehicles exactly where we parked, took the same route to the temple (did the same mistake!) and with the un-called crowd, came into being a hoard of corn sellers and chai makers.. within seconds it seemed to be a tourist place!

anyways, we proceeded and headed and climbed and jerked and flewwwwwwwwww!!!! amazing is an understatement to few moments i lived! The mountains were beauty in the low light , fog smitten day..waterfalls from nowhere and everywhere!! world seems to have come to a stand still!!

the 4 hr , damp rather soaked ride ended at the most sought bhajiya wala's outlet!! its damn 4 in the evening.. we are all drenched, no lunch!

within seconds we hog on 12 plates of kanda and batata bhajiyas!! and some countable cups of teas!!

oh forgot...we were at sinhgad , visited for a fort and trek..

saw the remains of the fort , some amzing views and in all the thrill i take out my cam with utter craziness and what do i see , my exhorbitant adidas backpack is kinda wet and damp!!

i am adviced to take off all cam accessories and keep them separate and dry.. will tell this story later!!

anyway, continued exploring and living and living and exploring..till the time came for the downhill slide!

secong gear free-fall...nd yes 'WE FELL!!' .. a little skid at a risky turn left us kinda numb..but all was fine and technical faults noted...we moved ahead or down..!!

too exhausted to talk any further , a silent drive back home...but a real long one!

now...why am i not posting some real, original pics??

cos DAMMIT!! my cam and my cell-fone both are on a drying mission for estimated 2 days from now!! bo hoo hoo...please pray!!