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many lives , many masters

A girl narrating incidents of 86 past lives ... seems unreal but its damn true! atleast thats what this psychiatrist , Dr Brian Weiss went through. Read the book , initially felt it was not written well.

But when finished , it left an effect not because of how it was written but what was written.

Realised that apart from the facts the genuinity of the writer is what makes the stuff so special.

The doc didnt write it for writing but to convey facts and events but added how it changed him and the world around him.

Thinking of going through his other writings!

Had always wondered about how much the re-birth phenomenon is true and acceptable...but everything written made so much sense!

We all are immortal(in the spiritual sense!) ... life and death is just related to the body...we are souls which always leave a plane and enter another!

No-one is good or bad, we all complete a circle where the pace and the deeds vary in every physical lifetime! once we all come round the circle....we are there to move with masters to a new level! this according to the book will happen for all of us together till we do and pay,pay and repay , we will keep on existing in this plane

I am not sure how much we all can relate to this but i know it makes sense in a lot of ways!

but then is everything governed by destiny and karma?