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war of the worlds.....yuck!

went for a late night catch at the nearest watch 'war of the worlds'! steven speilberg seems to have gone bonkers! :ppp

The movie could at the best take me to my childhood days where we would listen to not so pleasant stories....there are demons everywhere and finally they are killed...and yo wins the human race the fight for survival!!

all you are made to listen in the end is ' human race will never perish cos we have been gifted with immunity incomparable with any other race!' .. we form the basicities of life! what crap!

I have for long maintained that 'technicalities and graphics can only add stars to an idea, they cannot in themselves become an idea!' phew!

money waste! time waste!and the greatest of all...MY BLEDY SLEEP waste! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr