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how safe are *locked* cars

this is a funny incident..happened yesterday... we had all gone for a team lunch at koregaon park..i was with my GL in her car...we reached r dining place, when i realised dere was lodsa water on my decided ill get down hopping over d driver's seat..

i get down and my GL bangs her door and lo... the keys are locked inside ...!!!

its raining heavily..she cannot reach home to get the keys...i knew maruti can be unlocked mechanically without the keys..but we needed a long scale or a wire to do that... we tried doing it with different tools , dint work..

an idea struck me..we could stop santro owners on the way and try their keys .. , stopped some, none worked..!! (i also realise, family ppl never stop cars for strangers :pp)

last hope, another santro owner , he offered to get down!!

it so happened , this guy had had lodsa similar incidents like this :) and always carries a big scale with him for assistance!!

the best part: he had been trained by santro manufacturers to unlock doors without the keys!!

he comes in confidently and tries his scale and there goes his scale in the space between the window pane..!!!

he asks for another one.. we manage to get one from the restaurant....

nd now the expert is on job..he unlocks and VANISHES!!!

it almost felt as if god had sent an angel to rescue us from the situation... but..

i am left wondering, if manufacturers have started training buyers.. how to unlock cars without keys..why the hell do dey give keys with the vehicle :SSSS