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in d rains...

the last time i went dancing was way back in jan in israel..though nothing could be compared to that night but last night was a good change to i went dancing with few ppl to 'nirvana' , a disc near INOX in pune... More than the disc, the rains made the evening so kewl!!

The dancing went till 12:30 , during which a huge gang of middle aged sardarjis barged in and whatever happened is better privately blogged! :ppp

phun eet was...

the ride back was another amusement...

the rick guy was wearing a cap made of 'AAHAR AATA PACKET' looking more like a crown than a head cover...couldnt stop giggling...we sang through the journey ...with rain and the traffic splashing muddy brown coloured polka dots for special effects!!! :ppp

Didnt take my cam..else would have loved capturing the drive in the rain!

the players --- me , raghu , gaurav and namrata! not my regular company but nice for a day's change!!

But for all i know..Discs arent the place i can hangout every weekend... infact after the first hour of highness..boredom sets in , nd i so desperately need to run!!

Gawd..if nly i could injaay things longer in life..probably ill be doing more in quality!